Health and well-being for all

We share a vision and a mission: to improve the quality of life.
This drives us to an ongoing commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethics and values.

Supplements with
a clear composition

Mc Stone Italia was founded with the aim of helping people improve their well-being through the use of quality food supplements.

it is an essential value

Every corporate member, from whistleblowers to top management, has the privilege and responsibility to always act ethically and legally.

is a guarantee for our products

From customer service to the composition of supplements: Mc Stone Italia commits its experience to ensure the highest quality.

Technology and innovation
for daily challenges

We discover and develop innovative treatments, identifying new ways to make sure they can help as many people as possible.

Our approach: mutual
respect, inclusion and responsibility

In McStone Italia we work for a healthier world. Every day Mc Stone Italia colleagues work to promote well-being, prevention and treatments aimed at combating the most feared pathologies of our time, in support of all pharmacological therapies.

We reward effort and performance, nurture the careers of diverse talent, and facilitate global scientific partnership. mutual and responsible progress is our policy. Operating responsibly is critical to the long-term success of our company, the scientific community and all segments of society.






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Support for care and prevention during the child’s growth years

Urology and Andrology

For those suffering from urological and andrological pathologies

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Support for well-being in the different stages of a woman’s life

Orthopedics and Physiatry

Support in the management of arthropathies and tendinopathies


Support for the well-being of the nervous system


For those suffering from haematological malignancies and blood disorders


For those suffering from diabetes


For those suffering from diseases of the vascular system


For those suffering from pathologies and disorders affecting the heart and arteries